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Cameo March 29, 2008

Posted by oblia in Peregrinatio 1.
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“April is the cruellest month….”

He needn’t have written the rest, really.



1. neagrigore - March 31, 2008

lilacs out of the dead land” – T.S. Eliot! You have just made my day. Thank you.

2. Oblia - March 31, 2008

I love the guy and the waste land! I actually love all things modernist. After modernism, the deluge…

3. AprilSea - March 31, 2008

and i love oblia.
April in April_Sea, de la el e. de la wasteland asta care m-a omorit de cind am auzit-o in interpretarea lui.
awwwwww…….. oblia…… hugs!

4. Oblia - March 31, 2008

🙂 hai, sa traiasca! un link cu interpretarea lui, pleeeeeeease? 🙂

5. Oblia - March 31, 2008

hi, am gasit! (scuze, intreb/cer inainte sa caut…) pentru cine mai doreste, cine mai pohteste: T.S. Eliot citindu-si “The Waste Land”:

6. Oblia - March 31, 2008

“I will show you fear in a handful of dust” – haha, de asta uitasem… 🙂

7. AprilSea - April 1, 2008

eu l-am auzit in facultate, anul 3 din 4, era primavara si cadea numai bine, profa de british lit. a forat dupa un magnetofon de prin anii 60 cu banda aferenta, si ne-a pus in amfiteatrul puskin the waste land. d-abia se auzea, dar m-a marcat pentru totdeauna.
e bine ca exista si pe iutub.
si, ca sa zic asa, hai sa traiesc. it’s april. the shortest month.

8. Oblia - April 1, 2008

in amfiteatrul puskin!! doamne, ce vremuri… 🙂 may i ask who she was? vianu? saulescu? hai sa traiesti!

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