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Exes are blesses January 17, 2008

Posted by oblia in Peregrinatio 1.
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I’m talking about the exes you’re still talking to. Amicable split-up, that is. Let’s get that straight from the beginning. 😉

They got to know the worst of you, they had to put up with it and they got over it. That’s why you split up. They know better now. Therefore there’s nothing they wouldn’t expect from you or put beyond you.

You can be mean, you can be stupid, you can be a total idiot. Fine. Suit yourself. They’ll just say, “you idiot!” , and it’s not going to be the end of conversation. You don’t have to be intelligent or charming or funny or impressive. You won’t disappoint them anymore, if you aren’t. (On the contrary, they’ll congratulate themselves again for dumping you.) You can finally be yourself at no risk whatsoever. What a relief!

That’s why I reckon talking to exes is one of the greatest things in the world. It’s comfortable, it’s reassuring and it’s kinda cosy, too. God bless the exes! 🙂



1. Simona - January 23, 2008

Unless you’re like me and you talk to them only when you have to :). I admire people who can talk to their exes; it apparently takes me a lifetime to get over what went bad :).

2. răzvan martzipan - January 23, 2008

“amicable split-up”? ăsta e echivalentul în engleză pentru “ne despărţim da’ rămânem prieteni”?

fără supărare, da’ îmi aduce aminte de “amigo solvel” sau cum era, “amigo soluble”?

p.s.: nu prea cred în chestia asta anyway
p.s.2: postul ăsta are un ton aşa, voltaire-ian 🙂 [să nu mă baţi, da’ aşa îmi sună mie…]
p.3.: ştiu, tot n-am scris despre “torna” :-s

3. oblia - January 24, 2008

pt. simona: ba vorbesc chiar cu placere, not because i have to (we sorted out the toothbrush issue a while ago LOL). eu cred c-am trecut de treapta cu rrrrevenge-ul, it’s sucky.

4. oblia - January 24, 2008

pt. martzipan: da, asta e echivalentul. dar, indiferent daca-i romana, engleza sau chineza, elementul-cheie e sa o mean it, cind o spui – daca o spui. i’ve learned that. or i was taught. and it’s cool! 🙂

da’ stii ca tot n-ai scris despre “torna, torna”? 🙂

5. thearrow - January 29, 2008

For your information, I ate my words the day after I commented 🙂

6. oblia - January 29, 2008

is that good or bad? i don’t get it. 😦

7. Simona - January 29, 2008

It was funny that it happened a day after I said I usually don’t do this. It was good, but very sad 😦 Good, sad, and funny, all at the same time; how strange…

8. Oblia - January 29, 2008

see? it’s not that bad 🙂

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