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Charlie and the North Korean Gold Rush December 18, 2007

Posted by oblia in Peregrinatio 1.
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It was a hall adorned with red polyester straps and ribbons all around. The two Great Leaders’ portraits, father and son, were placed side by side above a white screen. Little Hye-Jie’s tummy rumbled. It was Maturation Day. He and his classmates had got on the festive bus in their village early that morning, to mature here, in the town of Pyongha, at the age of 6. They were now waiting upright in the peeled wooden chairs.

Comradess teacher Kyunghyun Jeong looked so radiant in her buttoned-up dark grey dress. Silence. “This day will stay forever vibrant in your hearts, children. Today you will become full grown-ups. Today you will see the enemy of our people: the capitalistic hyena sucking on the blood of peasants, workers and intellectuals around the world!” Little Hye-Jie’s tummy rumbled again.
“… look it in the face, but do not falter!! For our Great Leaders and the entire nation closely united around them will give you strength and prowess to fight it, rip it and defeat it, to the great triumph of our fatherland, the revolution and our people’s golden ideal!!!” The children hailed. Comradess saluted. Everybody stood, then sat. The lights went off. Little Hye-Jie knew they’d provide some food after the maturation ceremony, but his tummy rumbled impertinently.

Silence. The maturation began. Two black-and-white figures appeared on the white screen between the Great Leaders’ portraits. Little people with big eyes. One had a small tuft of black hair above his mouth and a cane. He walked funny. At times he disappeared, and there were boards with strange letters, instead. The little man was with a prim lady. She pointed at a window shop. He turned his pockets inside out. She turned her back on him. He shrugged. Little Hye-Jie’s tummy rumbled rebelliously. The little man was on a train. Big bearded men were eating. He eyed their food. He shrugged. Little Hye-Jie’s tummy rumbled furiously.

The little man crossed a field. There was a mighty snowstorm. The little man got into a wooden cabin. He looked very pale indeed. He turned pots and pans upside down. All empty. Little Hye-Jie’s tummy rumbled madly. The little man had two buns. He stuck two forks in them. Little Hye-Jie’s tummy rumbled fiercely. The forks made graceful little leaps around the table, and the two buns with them. They were bloody dancing. Little Hye-Jie’s tummy rumbled. It grumbled. And grunted. Rattled, booed, thundered.

Little Hye-Jie jumped from his seat, rushed to the forks, dashed at the buns, grabbed them, snatched them. Little Ching-Ying, Myung-Jin, Hyoung-Zoo, Taek-Sung, Ok-Myung, Seung-Hae, Wah-Bo, Yu-Min, Jiyoung, Ki-Chul, Ho-Pyong, Dong-Hyun, Chang-Hee and Mi-Cha rushed and grabbed and snatched and bit, and whizz, whirr, vrrrrrr… The two buns were gone. Two black holes remained. The little man’s hands kept dancing with the forks. He was smiling.



1. Zaza - December 18, 2007

Absolut genial, and counting… 😉

2. oblia - December 19, 2007

hm. am scris-o in 2004 si esti prima careia ii place. si mie mi-e foarte draga. so: big thanks 🙂

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