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Remember Oblio? January 13, 2007

Posted by oblia in Peregrinatio 1.

The round-headed little boy in Fred Wolf’s 1971 animation movie, “The Point”? The point was, as far as I can tell, that he was different in a place where everyone else was the same (point-headed). And Wolf’s sweet flower power message was simply that it’s ok to be different.  

Well, that’s ok to read and write and say, but it’s not always ok to live or experience. When all your school friends are married with kids and you’re not, and you meet and all they talk about is serious “my-family” stuff, while you’re still interested the free, non-tribal sharing of life? Or when all your colleagues at work look so professionally focussed on tasks, while your mind is stuck to the meaning of some movie you saw, the processing of which just happens to be so vital for the re-configuration of your inner world right now? (“The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?”) Or when you’re the only female wearing a burka on a transatlantic flight? Or the only gay person at a straight couple’s wedding party? Or the only “noisy Italian” dining on a High Table at an Oxford college? Or the only Australian Aborigine strolling at Galeries Lafayette? Or the only Ukrainian absent-mindedly queuing up at an “EU” checkpoint at Heathrow? Or the only (Swedish) diner using your fork to eat your curry dish in an Indian host family? 

The point is we’re all Oblios, more or less, sooner or later, for better or for worse. And the sooner we’re aware of it, the better. For us and others, too.



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